What Is an Exploratory Essay — Instructions for Students

Even if writing is not your cup of tea, you won't get a degree by avoiding essay writing tasks. Not all students like this assignment because it requires them to sweat over various books and process tons of literature to get a good grade. In this article, we'll analyze the rules you should follow while writing your exploratory essay. Here, you will find out what the primary goal of this task is and how to succeed with this project. Also, we will provide you with some useful tips to help you create a top-notch essay.

Exploratory Essay Definition

What is an exploratory essay? While being a simple creative assignment, this form of writing aims to solve a particular problem in different approaches. You need to explore your essay subject and analyze it from different angles. Bear in mind that this task isn't about focusing on a particular audience. Your goal is to explore the topic and come up with an explanation that can cover all viewpoints expressed in your essay.

Now that we came up with a simple definition of the exploratory essay, let's move on and talk about the rules you should follow.

Writing Tips for Essays

It is not enough to know the exploratory essay definition. If you are a goal-oriented student who wants to get the best grade, learn some basic techniques to create a top-quality essay without worries. We strongly encourage you to check out the list of ideas below. That can be helpful for you to organize relevant thoughts and create top-notch writing.

  • Create an outline before writing the essay. It will help you organize your ideas and decide what particular aspects you are going to cover in your paper. An outline can help you see what your essay will look like in the end and whether the structure is logical.
  • Pick only interesting topics. That is a question of major concern, which is why we recommend choosing debatable issues. That will provoke your audience to discuss the issue and make the essay exciting.
  • Add visual content. Find interesting materials and illustrate your writing. You can use images, charts, statistics (if your professor approves this approach).
  • Make sure your audience understands the subject of your research. Use an attention-grabbing introduction which will get the reader to get interested in the issue. There are lots of techniques you can use to achieve this effect. It can range from sharing your experience to posing thought-provoking questions.

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Exploratory Essay Techniques

This paper is another type of essay writing, but it has its own specificity. Of course, it will have an introduction, body part, and conclusion — these are the standards. Your task is to pay attention to the filling of the paragraphs.

How to start? You need to provide general information about the issue under discussion. The first exploratory essay paragraph should answer the following questions:

  • What issue are you going to discuss?
  • What is the background of this topic?
  • What inspired you to pick this subject matter?

Organize all the answers coherently to make up an exploratory essay introduction.

As for your essay body part, it can contain more than just one paragraph. To make your writing profound and interesting, you will need to examine a certain problem in different perspectives. That, in turn, implies dividing the text into several paragraphs to maintain a coherent structure. Be sure that every part of the exploratory essay body is well-grounded and supported by reliable information and examples. Here are several points you must consider at this stage of writing:

  • There should be a logical transition between the introduction and body part.
  • Your essay will be compelling only if you provide it with reasonable ideas and evidence.
  • In an exploratory essay, you can not only examine an issue but assume possible solutions.

This type of academic writing should be based on trusted, up-to-date sources only. And, when your essay is almost finished, remember that you cannot express your own opinion on the topic. That is rather an overview of the issue, and it is better to refer to the introduction and complete the circle logically.

If you understand what an exploratory essay is, you are halfway there! So, we hope our guide was helpful, and wish you luck with your writings!