What Is an Exploratory Essay — Instructions for Students

Even if writing is not your cup of tea, you won’t get a degree by avoiding essay writing tasks. Not all students like this assignment because it requires them to pore over books and process tons of literature in order to get a good grade. In this article, we’ll analyze the rules you should follow while writing your exploratory essays. We’ll help you learn what the primary goal of this task is, as well as provide you with some useful tips which will help you create a top-notch essay.

Clear Exploratory Essay Definition

So, what is an exploratory essay? Being a simple creative assignment, this form of writing is meant to solve a particular problem by using different approaches. In other words, you need to explore your essay subject and analyze it from different angles. To define exploratory essay, you should bear in mind that this task isn’t about concentrating on a particular group of people. Your goal is to explore the topic and come up with an explanation of all viewpoints expressed in your essay.

Now that we have come up with the definition of the exploratory essay let’s move on and talk about the rules you should follow.

Useful Tips which Will Help You Create a Top-Quality Paper

It is not enough to know the exploratory essay definition. If you are a goal-oriented student who wants to get the best grade, you should learn some basic techniques which will help you create a top-quality essay. We strongly encourage you to check out the below list of ideas which will help you organize your thoughts and create a top-notch essay.

  • Create an outline before writing the essay. It will help you organize your ideas and decide what particular aspects should be covered in your paper. You create the outline, and you’ll see what your essay will look like after you finish it.
  • Pick only interesting topics. That is a question of major concern, which is why we recommend choosing interesting and debatable topics.
  • Add visual content. Sometimes, it is really necessary to do this in order to illustrate the topic you explore. Keep in mind that you should choose only high-quality images!
  • Make sure your audience understands the topic of your research.
  • Use an attention-grabbing introduction which will get the reader to look into the issue. There are lots of techniques you can use in order to achieve this effect, ranging from sharing your experience to posing thought-provoking questions.

Using these recommendations, you’ll show the readers that you know what is an exploratory essay, understand the situation, and able to cover the chosen subject effectively.

Great Techniques You Can Use While Writing Your Essay

Though this is a creative assignment, it doesn’t mean your essay’s structure should replicate that of other essays. When writing an exploratory essay, you need to keep in mind that its body part should be divided into several sections. The main goal of the first section is to explain the issue (the main topic of your essay), while the second one should be devoted to the explanation of different positions regarding the chosen subject area.

Firstly, you need to provide general information about the issue under discussion. Simply put, your first section should contain answers to the following questions:

  • What topic are you going to discuss?
  • Was this question already examined by other scholars or students?
  • Is this topic important for society?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What is the history of the issue?

When working on the second part of your paragraph, you need to choose two or more positions on the discussed topic and cover them. The number of body paragraphs is contingent on the number of these positions. Keep in mind that it is not allowed to cover several different positions in one paragraph. Every new position should be explained in a separate paragraph.

Right now you’re probably wondering how to express all these positions in a proper way. We recommend having a look at the below instructions which will help you deal with this task more effectively:

  • Explain the issue;
  • Why should the audience believe it?
  • Support each position with arguments.

This type of academic writing should be based on only trusted sources. Keep in mind that you can’t express your opinion regarding the chosen topic. Take the trouble to spend a few hours poring over books or browsing the web in search of truthful information. When you are sure that this information is accurate, you can add it to your essay.

According to experienced writers, you can improve your essay’s quality by comparing all these positions. This technique will help you make effective and smooth transitions between the paragraphs.

If this topic really bothers you, you can express your personal opinion in the concluding part. Be sure to make this section succinct and concise!