How to Write an Exploratory Essay — Easy Tutorial for Students

You will undoubtedly encounter a number of academic challenges on your way to getting a degree, and one of them is how to write an exploratory essay. At first glance, the task seems to be pretty easy because your primary goal is to explore the topic from different angles. However, a simple overview of the problem is not enough! If your goal is to get a good grade, you need to follow certain guidelines, so your approach to this task should be a little different.

These difficulties emerge only because students do not have the slightest idea what writing tips to use to create a top-notch essay. Our tutorial will help you find out how to create a top-quality essay which will help you enhance your writing skills and get the best grade.

How to Write an Exploratory Essay Step by Step

Our primary goal is to provide students with a guide which will help them understand what rules they should adhere to while writing their essay. Knowing these rules ensures that you can easily tackle that complicated challenge!

How to Start an Exploratory Essay?

When dealing with this task, you need to use a specific approach. Your goal is to analyze a particular subject from an unbiased viewpoint. In other words, instead of solving the problem, you should investigate it comprehensively and provide the readers with possible solutions.

If you want to attract more readers to your paper, you need to investigate a problem and decide what particular things can grab their attention. Never start writing by making boring and obvious statements. If you wish to get the highest grade and grab the readers’ attention, you should think creatively. Explore the topic and think of the facts that can make your introduction interesting:

  • Share your personal experience;
  • Share a real life story which is relevant to the chosen topic;
  • Create a list of the main issues you wish to cover in your essay;
  • Search for amazing statistical data.

In one of our articles, we have analyzed all the tips on writing your exploratory essay introduction. If you want to get more information, we recommend you take a look at it.

Exploratory Essay Thesis Statement

Some students believe that the thesis statement is less important than the body paragraphs. However, they are mistaken because if you fail to include this element, your essay will be incomplete. Usually, the thesis statement is located in the introductory section. After coming up with an interesting introductory part, you need to write several sentences highlighting the general idea of your research. It should demonstrate the topic of your essay and the main aspects you are going to focus on.

How to Write Essay Body Part?

Your body section is the longest one in your essay. The first paragraph should be devoted to the explanation of the main problem. In other words, it should clarify issues you are going to explore in your essay.

The second part consists of several passages (three or more) which explain the main viewpoints comprehensively. If you want to do in-depth research, you need to pick an interesting and arguable subject area. You should make sure that there is enough material for covering the topic.

You might add a minimum of three viewpoints, covering each of them in a separate paragraph. Each section of your body part should contain the following information:

  • Explanation of the argument.
  • Reasons for people to believe in it.
  • Trusted sources supporting this information.

If the topic allows, you can also compare and contrast several ideas, but in this case, you need to ensure smooth transitions between different paragraphs.

How to End an Exploratory Essay?

As you can see, this creative task consists of several sections, each of them focusing on a certain idea. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget about your concluding part because your essay will be incomplete without it.

How do you wrap up your essay? Actually, your conclusion is the shortest part of your essay. If you have a certain belief or wish to express your opinion, you can do that in your conclusion. The key objective of this section is to summarize the essential issues discussed in your essay. You need to draw a conclusion suggesting that the target audience use this or that solution to solve the discussed problem. In other words, you should indicate what perspective you consider to be the most effective one.

If you wish to study this section in detail or see examples of a successful exploratory essay conclusion, we recommend you read the corresponding article on our website!