Good Exploratory Essay Topics — Ideas for Students

Do you know what problem do students face while writing exploratory essays? They can’t pick an interesting subject! However, your success and good grade are contingent on the main issue of your research which should be arguable, manageable and debatable. Actually, it is really hard to select a topic which can easily be resolved on short notice. Your objective is, therefore, to pick a thought-provoking topic which will help you prepare an A-level essay!

Choosing a topic is the primary challenge students dealing with the exploratory essay for the first time face. The problem is that they simply can’t tell which exploratory paper topics are arguable and which are too obvious. In this review, we’ll provide you with some useful tips following which you’ll be able to choose a topic for your essay. We’ll also provide you with some inspiring exploratory essay ideas, thus sparing you the trouble of!

List of Exploratory Essay Topics to Write On

If your primary goal is to come up with a well-written essay, you should take into account some aspects before picking a topic. The subject you choose should provide you with an opportunity to conduct small but fundamental research. Usually, you should start by making a claim or, in other words, notifying the readers about the central topic of your research. After that, you can move on to investigating the problem from different angles.

You should weigh all the pros and cons of the discussed subject, examine its value for the progress of a particular area and explain whether people pay enough attention to it.

Before getting down to the actual writing, you need to come up with several exploratory questions. All the answers to these questions will be in your outline, so be sure to consult with it while writing your essay. For instance, if your paper is about drug abuse, you should stick to the below plan:

  • Fact: Many people suffer from drug abuse.
  • Definition: What is drug abuse?
  • Cause: Define the main causes of drug abuse.
  • Value: What are the main measures which will help prevent the misuse of drugs?
  • Policy: Why it is necessary to prevent it?

That is an approximate plan which will help you create a properly structured essay with a potential of earning you an excellent grade!

Now, let’s check out a list of relevant ideas for your exploratory essay.

Excellent Exploratory Essay Topics about Sports

  1. Should students be paid for playing on college athletics teams?
  2. The government should invest more money in the development of sports in higher educational establishments.
  3. Many students consume energy drinks before competitions. Analyze the effect of energy shots on their health.
  4. Animal sports should be banned (explain why).
  5. Extreme sports and their impact on the human body.
  6. Should sports betting be prohibited? Analyze all the advantages and disadvantages.
  7. Should sport hunting be banned?
  8. Can a good athlete become a good teacher?
  9. What should a real trainer look like?
  10. The role of sports in preventing obesity in teens.
  11. How do you pick the best sport for your kid?
  12. When should kids start doing sports?
  13. What does it take to raise a skilled and professional athlete?
  14. Can good coaches lose self-control?
  15. The importance of a healthy diet for professional athletes.
  16. The benefits of bodybuilding.
  17. What are the main reasons for women not to lift weights?
  18. Why is women’s boxing less popular than men’s?
  19. Analyze the main benefits of tennis for women.
  20. Sports as the main factor stress-reducing factor.
  21. Should women engage in physical activities during pregnancy?
  22. Should steroids be legalized?
  23. What does it take to become the best basketball player? (Describe the best players of the 20th century).
  24. Which is more important: self-control or command?
  25. What are the most effective techniques in sports management?

Interesting Exploratory Essay Topics about Music

  1. What does music mean to you?
  2. What measures should be taken to prevent music piracy?
  3. The importance of classical music for the development of kids.
  4. Music in the Baroque period.
  5. The main advantages of music for psychological recreation.
  6. Explain the origin of folk music and its importance for present-day society.
  7. Why do prefer pop music to classical music?
  8. Explore the main benefits of music therapy.
  9. Can you imagine life without music?
  10. Analyze the impact of music on people’s emotions.
  11. Explain the phenomenon of revolutionary music and its impact on society.
  12. Why does the same music genre affect people differently?
  13. The benefits of music for pregnant women.
  14. Explore the origins of Celtic music.
  15. The impact of musical therapy on bipolar disorder.
  16. How can feelings and emotions be expressed with the help of music?
  17. Training your ear for music: tips to follow.
  18. Can music motivate people?
  19. Explore the era of silent movies — a period when only music was used to convey a particular message.
  20. Music therapy as the main remedy for relieving depression.
  21. What is the main message of rock music?
  22. Who is considered to be the father of rock music?
  23. The Beatles as the main musical phenomenon of the 20th century.
  24. Can you imagine your life without music? What does music mean to you?
  25. The use of music therapy in cancer treatment.

Keep in mind that if you pick one of these exploratory essay topics for college students, you’ll definitely create top-quality writing which will help you earn the highest grade!