Exploratory Essay Thesis Statement — Recommendations to Follow

What is the goal of the exploratory essay thesis? How do you create an informative thesis statement? What rules do you follow? If you still can’t figure out the importance of this task or have no clue how to create an effective statement outlining your position, we suggest you look through our article. It’ll help you deal with this tricky task and get answers to all of your questions.

Thesis for Your Exploratory Essay — The Purpose

When dealing with this assignment for the first time, you’ll probably face some difficulties. The role of the thesis is to summarize the key points of your paper briefly. When you cover the subject, you should analyze it from different angles and provide the readers with some general information. You need to show them what particular area you are going to explore by including information to this effect in your thesis statement. Simply put, you need to clarify why this particular issue is crucial and why it should be explored in depth.

Unlike other essay types that require you to clarify the key points of your research, your exploratory essay thesis may only consist of the exploring question. You can’t simply neglect this task, because if your essay lacks the thesis statement, you’ll get a lower grade.

Thesis Statement Writing Tips

Firstly, you need to understand what this task is all about. Your exploratory essay should provide the readers with a general description of a particular problem. Your goal is, therefore, to explore the topic and suggest different solutions to the problem raised in your essay. Keep in mind that your objective is to inform the readers but not persuade them that a certain method is the best.

So, how to write a thesis for an exploratory essay? First of all, you need to do a lot of searching on the Internet or reading books or articles. Your next step will be to come up with the outline which will help you organize your ideas. When your plan is ready, you can start working on the creation of your thesis statement which will highlight the key idea of your essay.

If you feel this approach is ineffective, you can use an alternative one. Create your thesis first and then start covering the main ideas of your essay. Keep in mind, though, that in this case, your attitude to the problem or your opinion may change. As a result, your thesis will change, too.

Exploratory Essay Thesis Examples to Consider

Sometimes, students can’t understand what the main essay statement should look like. In this case, they either browse the Web searching for clear exploratory research thesis statements or ask their professors for advice. Both solutions are possible. However, if you don’t want to rack your brains over this simple task, we highly recommend you study a few samples on random topics. Keep in mind that writing the thesis requires you to use only clear and concise language. You should also make sure that your thesis contains no more than 2-3 sentences. You need to define the key purpose of your essay and formulate it in your thesis.

  • For instance, if the topic of your essay is “How to improve healthcare quality for Africans?”, you should inform the readers of the general state of the health care system in Africa and provide them with the main solutions to this problem.
  • Your thesis may look like this: “This essay focuses on investigating the main problems of the healthcare system in African countries, as well as the main solutions which will help the society change this situation for the better.” As a result, your audience will immediately understand what particular aspects you’ll be focusing on in your essay. This simple sentence will inform them of the key purpose of your research.

Surfing the Net, you’ll find a number of exploratory research thesis examples, but you shouldn’t plagiarize them.

There is another approach you can use while working on your main statement.

  • For instance, if the topic of your essay is “Religion as a compulsory high school subject,” you should write about how important is this subject in high school, as well as analyze other scholars’ viewpoints to provide the readers with different opinions.
  • Your thesis may, therefore, look like this: “Should studying religion be made compulsory in high school? Does religion teach kids to be kind, honest, and responsive?

As you can see, your thesis is built in the form of a question. In some instances, you can also use this approach if you feel it’s better than the previous one. The thesis statement is an integral part of your essay, so be sure to give it your best shot and think out of the box!